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MWS Motorsports is Silicon Valley's best destination for Nissan Z32 300zx upgrades and unique products.

Always check the Products section for MWS-developed products that enhance the performance and reliability of your car.

7/24/06. MWS Motorsportsí repair facility will be closing down soon. The cutoff date for taking customers is July 31st. After that we will be finishing up any remaining work and working on closing up the repair shop.

However, MWS Motorsports parts division will continue. The MWS big brake kit, the MWS/SMC alcohol injection kit, the Hardline kit, the solenoid and injector connectors, and the 3Ē tube one-piece driveshafts will all still be available. We will not continue selling generic or Nissan parts online. Ordering can continue via the website or on the phone. Check our Products section.

So, whatís the story? After 2 great years and 2 great hires, 5 great videos (8, if you count the long versions of the tech videos), and more than 80 Z32s in 2 years, itís time to take stock in where Iím at. I had a two-year plan to review the process at this point, and I find I am looking to find a way to reduce my overhead and concentrate more on what I love, which is working on Zs one-on-one and innovating cool products that donít have to sell millions to be a success in my mind. The problem for me was that I found myself becoming a slave to my overhead, writing a new business plan that included everything but conquering the world, and once I stepped back and read it, realized I didnít want to execute that plan, but it was a darn good one. Itís just, the problem was I, personally, would not be executing it given the present state of affairs. I always wanted to either continue or change course on my own terms and that is what I am doing.

For those of you who wish to stay in touch, keep an eye on this website and there may be a smaller, more quaint repair facility on the horizon. I cannot promise anything and cannot say when or where.

I am extremely fortunate in that I have a viable career as a software tester and will go back to that for now. Iíd like the next place I set up shop to be somewhere I own, not rent.

To get MWS Motorsports to this point, Iíd like to thank the following:

  • The forum for giving me the inspiration to start MWS Motorsports in the first place. My only regret is Iíve been too busy with the repair facility to go to ZCon this year and meet everybody.
  • Carl Merritt, my videographer, test-driver and sponsoree, who is Hobbes to my Calvin. (or sometimes the reverse!). Also, my webmaster, Martyn and star of the NA rear end video. Ben Thompson my web designer and star of the 2+0 TT swap video. George Ludwig, my first 2+2 TT swap victim and the most watched video I produced. Iím glad his Ducati is a worthy replacement for his stolen Z.
  • Rav Prasad, and Dien Nguyen, my two great, young, auto tech employees who both have bright futures ahead of them.
  • Mike Smith of MS Performance. Mike has seriously taught me the masterís course in Z32 motor pathology. (Öheís the guy who IS selling the manifoldsóI still get calls for his manifolds, folks, please do NOT think he is closing shop).
  • All the guys from all the other shops whoíve helped me out, especially Greg and Seb at Specialty Z and Russell and the guys at Z1 Motorsports.
  • My wife. Sheís been incredibly supportive and just a saint. Thatís easy to say.
  • ē And the most important, the fantastic customers Iíve met and kept as customers over the last two years. Your kind words of encouragement, whether in private, or on the forums, has been an incredible source of inspiration, and you praise will be sorely missed until I can find a suitable place to set up a repair shop again. You were my main reason for staying in the repair business, and the main reason I will endeavor to create a more cost-efficient and personalized repair facility in the future. I can honestly say Iíve had maybe two days in the last 2 years where I was not that excited to go to work, and that kind of stable and healthy work environment was all due to you.

    Mon- Fri:    10:00AM - 6:30PM

    Saturday:   11:00AM - 4:00PM